Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Future Of Books?

Books are outdated; anyone can agree that books have been around for thousands of years and really haven’t changed much. Very little has changed about the book itself except for the author, picture and content. I wonder if the ancient Romans also hated paper cuts. Let’s face it: paper really isn’t a very good record keeper; it’s flammable, ink fades, sun damages the paper, oils from your fingers are destructive to the pages, etc. But recently a new creation was born to take over the world of the book: Digital Book Reader.

A “Digital Book Reader” is a device that is similar to the “Pads” found on Star Trek. These electronic devices are usually tablet in shape and house a screen that is as easy on the eyes as a paperback would be. Actually better for those folks that would like to either enlarge or decrease font size. These digital readers can also save your page so you never need to remember where you were or where your bookmark is.

These digital readers allow for vast amounts of titles to be stored into the device’s internal memory. Then there are models that allow for expanded memory and the storage capabilities become virtually limitless. No longer is the need to carry 50 pounds of textbooks anywhere these readers often way less than 15 ounces! The amount of information that is accessible with one of these devices is staggering at best. You can be on-the-go and have all your favorite books, magazines, and even blogs brought to you daily and effortlessly. Reading when traveling has never gotten easier! These readers allow you to bring ALL your books along with no problem and no extra bulk in your suitcases.

Some models of Digital Book Readers offer the user wireless download of books from anywhere at anytime without the need to connect to a computer or even a network connection; the reader does it all on its own. Now that’s impressive; you can search, pick, download and start reading your book in under a minute anytime, anywhere.

These devices usually have a screen that can be viewed and read from even under direct light; just like your standard paperbacks. Also like paperbacks, digital book readers can be operated with one hand allowing the other free to do what it pleases. Pages can be turned with the single click of a button. Some models also allow for a full hands free approach with text to speech. Tired of reading? Simply tell the device that you want it to read to you!

Downloading books to your digital book reader is not just a snap but it’s also cheaper than buying the actual book. This, of course, is due in large part to the fact that there is no need to buy paper. Publishers save printing costs and you save directly on purchases of your favorite books. Bestsellers can go as low as $9.99!

It’s safe to bet that the future of book reading is soon on its way in. Once prices of Digital Book Readers have dropped enough that everyone can afford it (not to say its so expensive now) we’ll be seeing this device slowly replace the conventional book. Our planet also thanks us for this effort as less books means less trees being chopped down! Maria Oliveira


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