Saturday, October 10, 2009

Learn more about black achievements and crucial facts in Black History

Have you asked yourself how many products Dr. George Washington Carver discovered or who was the first black woman millionaire? These and many more answers for many more questions about black history are now available on Yenoba. We all look around us searching for role models and extraordinary characters that live or have lived their lives in an inspiring way. Now we have the chance to meet them through their facts presented at Yenoba.

One of Yenobas targets is to put their efforts in a lucrative information campaign. Scholarships for black youth are a must and individuals are not always aware that the scholarships are available. The administrators want to promote available information about as many scholarships as possible so that black youth can fulfill their dreams.

You can choose among many categories available on the website, starting with games for Kids or black history resources. All information provided is purposed to create a better idea of African American history and efforts to make this world a better world.

Also one of the features online is the Black History quizzes where you can choose among seven history related quizzes, an opportunity to gain more knowledge in a very pleasant way.

One of the most visited sections is Obama Chronology. Here you can find more information about the 44th President of the United States.

This historic election and events around the election are chronicled for all the interested visitors. This President has been elected at a momentous time in our history and has brought hope to many Americans regardless of race.

A daily calendar provides knowledge of Black events and historic facts for every day of the year. The achievements of scientists, doctors, inventors, writers, artists, athletes, military personnel, your heroes and those with many other areas of expertise are remembered daily on the website. You can even see what happened on your birthday.

The United States provides a tapestry of opportunity on which persons of all races can paint their contributions. The African American culture and ingenuity have made useful contributions to all of us. The mission of Yenoba is to provide free, independent, and accurate information and resources for current and prospective visitors.

The website includes over two thousand achievements and important events in African American History spanning over four centuries perfect for anyone seeking date specific information Information about many of the major struggles of Black events and many examples of how Black people have risen to challenges against great odds. YenobaWeb


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