Saturday, October 10, 2009

NYU-ePoly Online Education

Online education with NYU-ePoly is very easy efficient. We have lot of tools which makes you easy to learn and understand your courses. Taking graduate class is as easy as preparing your dinner at home.

You can access online courses anywhere you like – at work, at home, while traveling. If you think your daily activity is not allowing you to go school then think again you can turn to NYU-ePoly and earn your masters degree in your interesting field like Electrical Engineering, Online Bioinformatics, Organizational Behavior, Computer engineering, Cyber Security, Telecommunication Networks, Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Wireless Innovation. Also you can gain Certificate programs in Bioinformatics, Cyber Security, Online Computer Engineering, Power Electronics and Systems, Telecommunication Networking, Wireless communication. So no one can stop you from gaining online learning degree if you are committed.

NYU-ePoly is online education department of the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

We help online students from various part of the world to make their experience and elearning better and smoother. Our help desk is live 24/7. We have best faculty staffing to help you make your distance education better and smooth. Online education is a simple procedure. We have weekly virtual class where professor puts up material, quiz, discussions, and various other materials for you to study. When ever a student get chance to study he access all material of week and studies weekly material. Confusions and doubts are cleared in discussions as well as personal email to professors.

Taking online education exam is also simple procedure. Professors have two categories to take exam. First is if professor wants he can create online exam on our learning platform and take exam. Second is if professor want student to give exam in blue books then student has to find a proctoring facility and fill proctoring request form to ePoly. ePoly will contact your facilities and you can give exam at that proctoring facility. So if you think to go for elearning then NYU-ePoly would be best university to study. Purvi Patel


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